RuLu Ruby Conference

A two-day conference dedicated to Ruby

19-20th June 2014 | Lyon, France

Ruby Lugdunum (aka RuLu) is a two-day conference dedicated to exploring the Ruby language and basking in warmth of the amazing Ruby community. RuLu 2014 takes place in Lyon, France on June 19th and 20th. Don't miss it!


  • Joshua Ballanco

  • Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta

  • Tom Stuart

  • Emily Stolfo

  • Yannick Schutz

  • Chris Kelly

  • Arnab Deka

  • Sam Phippen

  • Eloy DurĂ¡n

  • Cameron Daigle

  • Konstantin Tennhard

  • Terence Lee

  • PJ Hagerty

  • Phil Nash

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Two full days of great talks, a fun party on Thursday night, with free lunches both days, plus tea, coffee, and snacks. Allow some extra time to dine in the gastronomy capital of France, and don't miss the many other attractions.

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